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Embracing a commitment – Mike & Alex

“This opened our eyes”, they said immediately after watching their LoveStory Profile.  It had been 15 years since their commitment ceremony.  “With our own LoveStory Profile we got to express the depth of our love and then share it with everyone who knows us.  It was such a freeing feeling that I actually wept.” It was in the remembering ‘how’ they had met that was powerful for them and for their circle of friends who saw their LoveStory at a party they…

Passing ‘gems’ from generation to generation

A great-granddaughter reacts after watching this LifeStory from Sweden.  “I never heard these stories” and “now it will be an heirloom to me.”  It was this emotional reaction that makes producing each LifeStory so worthwhile.   “Not everyone gets to hear their own backstory,” says this great-granddaughter after watching her 93 year old great-grandmother whom she had not seen in over a year. The point behind PersonalCast Studios is that, in this technologically advanced age, we can help everyone to embrace becoming…

When your passion is captured

“We’ll look at it every anniversary and it will remind us” say these newlyweds when we caught them just as they were arriving back from their honeymoon in Hawaii.  They had a great wedding.  Yes!  Great pictures to share.  Yes!  But it was in the interview of their LoveStory that they shared the most important moment that led to the wedding and a life together.  They talked separately about HOW they fell in love.  HOW it happened.  WHEN they knew. As producers…