Passing ‘gems’ from generation to generation

A great-granddaughter reacts after watching this LifeStory from Sweden.  “I never heard these stories” and “now it will be an heirloom to me.”  It was this emotional reaction that makes producing each LifeStory so worthwhile.   “Not everyone gets to hear their own backstory,” says this great-granddaughter after watching her 93 year old great-grandmother whom she had not seen in over a year.

The point behind PersonalCast Studios is that, in this technologically advanced age, we can help everyone to embrace becoming the center of their own media.  You don’t have to simply watch others tell the most amazing stories.   Your stories are just as powerful and often entertaining.   Our lives mean the most to the people we care about most.

What is the most important LINK between the generations in your family? We’d say it’s maintaining the EMOTIONAL one! The vibrancy of a family tree is based on passing along vivid remembrances. Let us tell an important ‘backstory’ in your family today!


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