Grow Your Client List With Custom Made Video Marketing For Attorneys

Grow Your Client List With Custom Made Video Marketing For Attorneys


Video Marketing For Attorney

Modern legal clients don’t just want to read about your firm. They want to see and hear you too. That’s why video marketing is one of the most powerful tools for growing a law practice.  PersonalCast Studios uses award winning talent tell your story with video — earning trust, recognition, and clients.

Maximize Engagement

One of the greatest struggles that attorneys face in online marketing is selling themselves and their expertise. This can be difficult to translate into easily digestible content. Video allows you to connect with visitors in a highly engaging way. It helps establish a level of comfort with potential clients before they’ve even picked up the phone to schedule the initial consult. With better videos, you can establish a relationship before they’ve even reached out.

Increase Search Visibility

Over the past few years, the search engines seem to increasingly favor videos, giving them preferential placement at the top of the search results. Experts also agree that sites with high quality videos tend to rank better in the organic search results than sites without any videos. PersonalCast Studios can do all of the work necessary to create videos that make you stand out.

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Grow Your Law Practice

Over time, videos are a cost-effective way to build a robust web presence that will serve your firm for years to come.

At PersonalCast Studios, we work with attorneys to create and produce high quality videos that strengthen their online marketing campaigns and help them generate more business. Our video services include:

  • Firm introduction
  • Practice area videos
  • Attorney profiles
  • Video testimonials

Tell Your Story

Online video has shown to have many advantages over other media. It highlights the attorney and provides an opportunity to demonstrate his or her persuasive powers. Through the combination of visuals and sound, video delivers ideas and positions with more authority and emotional impact.

Also, complex information can be explained simply. In fact, because effective videos are a few minutes in length, they force attorneys to explain issues in a simple format that is ultimately more appealing to prospective clients. Finally, distribution is nearly free. That spreads your message about your law firm far and wide for little cost.

Want to discover how you can use video to improve your marketing? Reach out with the form below. We’ll show you how our videos can help accelerate the growth of your practice.

Our Work For Attorneys

Check out some of the videos we’ve created to help law professionals improve their brand and connect with more clients.

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Why Work With A Network Quality Producer?

The good news is that the cost of acquiring original video is plummeting because any ‘mobile device’ can be used, essentially, as a mini television studio. Sounds simple because who doesn’t have young techie who is also a wiz with these things. But the process requires a missing ingredient. The experienced storyteller. Finding a trusted content producer who will build a deep level of ongoing video integration into the Firm’s longterm marketing plan requires moving beyond advertising content. The broad adoption of mobility also requires the Firm’s marketers to invest in more sophisticated online outreach. In the proper creative hands, deep video integration focuses on the Firm’s key communication triggers- the authenticity of its leadership, testimonial libraries, and building out content that furthers the Firm’s narrative. This becomes compelling content as digital engagement continues to rise. Successful video integration in a Firm’s outreach is formed through authentic storytelling. The key to tangible results is not found in the technology. And that’s the advantage of using Producers highly experienced in the art of the on-camera ‘interview’. Producers with network-quality experience ask the right questions that advance the story. Keep these traits top-of- mind when you are choosing a professional Producer to create your video strategy.

‘Network-quality’ means highly vetted production experience, under pressure.
FaceTime, SnapChat, Skype or any time someone holds the phone up and speaks to
someone else- that is first-person video. Today ‘first-person video’ is the most fluid
means of personal expression. But getting to the heart of what needs to be
communicated requires pre-planning and on-camera interview experience. This has to
be accomplished under the pressure of a clock. Busy leadership and team members in
any enterprise have limited time bandwidth. Getting excellent video assets in a short
timeframe requires a great deal of experience.

2. Engagement is the key difference between advertising and authentic, online

Advertising creative is designed to trigger a specific set of ‘buy signals’. This works best
in short radio or tv spots. But advertising is much harder online, where users control
their own attention. Thats why the storytelling format is so critical to engagement.
Keeping a user engaged requires displaying the authenticity in the storytelling. Be sure
to focus on the format triggers within the video which signal that sense of being ‘real’.
Be sure to includes classic format ‘hooks’, like a strong, engaging open, followed by
content that is confidently expressed from experienced, passionate leadership.

3. Working with different demographics and psychographics comes with

The hardest bit of producing often comes from working with groups outside the
Producer’s own demographic. But designing the proper attitude that fits with the Firm’s
mission and consumer-facing ’voice’ requires a broad production background. Most
‘network-quality’ Producers can work fluidly with different kinds of people and settings.

4. Deadlines

Producing video to meet a deadline and also a specific length are skill sets of ‘network-
quality’ Producers. The key is pre-production planning and knowing the time
requirements of each step in the process, including client notes! Every new project
takes 25% percent longer to launch and every experienced Producer plans for that.
Fitting the format to flatter the mission takes collaboration with the marketing leadership.

5. The difference between authentic storytelling and simply video assembly

Authentic storytelling must touch each viewer emotionally. Finding the humanity within
each interview and then editing to elevate that sense, is the role of a ‘network-quality’
Producer. So the quality of the editor to work with the underlying video assets to
highlight the truth of the story is paramount.

6. How graphics and underscoring usage works to further the narrative

Graphics and music must serve the format, not compete with the narrative. So planning
the beginning, middle, and end of each video is the only way to truly create a valuable
asset that communicates the mission of the Firm through its focus and storytelling. If
you notice the music, it’s probably not being used correctly.

7. Simplicity and clarity reach the largest target audiences.

It is true that the movement to online consumption of media has splintered audiences.
But hidden in that reality is the benefit of creating broadly engaging content for your
audience. As your library of video content grows, it should paint an engaging picture of
your Firm’s mission- like a jigsaw puzzle. And it should have a resonance, an
endurance. You will see this as your engagement metrics rise over time as your original
video library of ‘network-quality’ content grows.

8. How an experienced Producer becomes a trusted partner

The most valuable benefit of working with a ‘network-quality’ Producer is their ability to
grasp the video’s use case to its intended audience. This is how pre-production must
start- with an exploration with the marketers about their audience. The ability to create
timelines on both the production side and also from the Firm’s perspective is a critical
part of the process. But that pays off down the road as the Producer begins to
understand the workflows and group dynamics of the Firm.

9. Embracing inevitable changes.

After the work has been done and the video has been delivered it’s best to expect notes
and reactions that require re-working. This is the hardest part of the craft, but the one
that separates network-quality Producers from the rest- they know it comes with the
territory. And most often, it is the tiniest edit or reworking that solves the problem and
provides a breakthrough that moves the process forward. Collaboration is the ultimate
benefit of working with a ‘network-quality’ Producer.