Take Off Your Layers to Rediscover True Love

Think about July 4th.  From that holiday to this moment we have added layer upon layer of clothing.  It’s second nature.  So of course dreaming of a Mai Tai by a sunny warm pool is the first visualization we conjure when we are dealing with the dark and cold.  Frankly fantasizing actually adds a layer. We want to go in the other direction and discover something about ourselves that becomes more valuable throughout the year- re-living ‘how’ we fell in love.

Peeling back the tightly wrapped layers of your mind is the first step.  And its so easy to do.  Just mentally reach back through the years and focus on a you from a different time. This process will trigger ‘warmth’.  When people focus on telling the stories of their lives they often find the ‘present’ drops away for a bit.  As your mind engages and forgotten mental images come back into focus there is often a great sense of rejuvenation.  And the detail that comes flooding back is the real gift.

At PersonalCast we often see this ‘layering’ effect in how people describe falling in love.  In the remembering and retelling it’s always more wistful.  It’s also more romantic because quite often it’s that kind of  life transformation that sticks out!  This is because the years add layers that bury the actual feelings of what it felt like to fall in love in the first place.

Getting to the ‘original layer’ simply requires that you focus on the details surrounding that first moment.  Where were you when you first met?  Who were you with?  What were you wearing?  Describe the scene in detail.  Inevitably these mundane details will transcend to deeper recollections that are more intense.

What were the very first words spoken?  How did the first touch happen? Getting into details is the key to unlocking a torrent of emotions, memories and feelings that sit at the heart of your definition of love.

Often we see expressions and energies become fresh again, as well.  When you talk in detail about falling love, you relive the experience in the most joyful way.  Many say that they simply had forgotten both the details but also the positive emotion wrapped within these layers.

With the start of a new year comes the obligation to give ourselves the gift of renewal.  In each of our lives the greatest moments are ones of positive transformation.  It is a true gift we both give and receive when we peel back the layers and relive those first feelings that stirred the most important love of our lives.

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